A biography of louis armstrong an american jazz musician

As his reputation grew, he was challenged to cutting contests by other musicians. Louis and Lil Armstrong separated in Jazz pioneer When Armstrong returned to Chicago in the fall ofhe organized a band and began to record one of the greatest series in the history of jazz. He lived with his sister, mother, and grandmother in a rundown area of New Orleans known as "the Battlefield" because of the gambling, drunkenness, fighting, and shooting that frequently occurred there.

Undaunted, he made a couple of purely vocal albums. Meals were often little more than bread and molasses. Having very many good-sounding recordings of that old times, I can say, that this one is on the top.

In the second stanza he breaks into an almost fully improvised melody, which then evolves into a classic passage of Armstrong " scat singing ". Working during hard times The Great Depression of the early s was especially hard on the jazz scene. But the record date surrounds him with a better arrangement probably by Willet in a longer version of the piece, yet another Carmichael opus designed for Louis.

It opens with a refurbished Armstrong classic. His influence on Henderson's tenor sax soloist, Coleman Hawkinscan be judged by listening to the records made by the band during this period. Armstrong's version remained on the Hot for 22 weeks, longer than any other record produced that year, and went to No.

Some musicians criticized Armstrong for playing in front of segregated audiences, and for not taking a strong enough stand in the American civil rights movement. Armstrong played in brass bands and riverboats in New Orleans, first on an excursion boat in September He traveled with the band of Fate Marablewhich toured on the steamboat Sidney with the Streckfus Steamers line up and down the Mississippi River.

Louis Armstrong

He started singing in his performances. Morris Karnoffsky gave Armstrong an advance toward the purchase of a cornet from a pawn shop. He listened to the music of local musicians such as Kid Ory and his idol, King Oliver. It was used as the title of a biography of Armstrong by Terry Teachout. Crosby admired and copied Armstrong, as is evident on many of his early recordings, notably "Just One More Chance" However, he did criticize President Eisenhower for not acting forcefully enough on civil rights.

In his year there Armstrong matured into a major soloist and at the same time developed—indeed, single-handedly invented—a compelling, propulsive, rhythmic inflection in his… Although Armstrong claimed to be born invarious documents, notably a baptismal record, indicate that was his birth year.

He did not perform publicly at all in and spent most of the year recuperating at home. Armstrong also began to experience problems with his fingers and lips, which were aggravated by his unorthodox playing style. Knowing he lived without a father, they fed and nurtured him.

Many broadcast announcers, fans, and acquaintances called him "Louie" and in a videotaped interview from Lucille Armstrong calls her late husband "Louie" as well. Handy and Fats Waller. During his s European tour, he suffered an ulceration so severe that he had to stop playing entirely for a year.

Although he is usually listed as being a member of Montgomery Lodge No. Knowing he lived without a father, they fed and nurtured him. There's some folks, that, if they don't know, you can't tell 'em.

Louis Armstrong

The music ranges from old Louis standards, to Jazz standards of the time, to Hawaian and to lesser known tunes, but Louis puts his own stamp on all of it. Armstrong played in brass bands and riverboats in New Orleans, first on an excursion boat in September Henry Allen: Henry Allen, African-American jazz musician, one of the major trumpeters of the swing era, he also sang and led small bands.

The son of a longtime New Orleans brass-band leader, Allen played in his father’s band before joining King Oliver’s big band in. Louis Armstrong.

"Satchmo." To millions of fans, he was just a great entertainer. But to jazz aficionados, he was one of the most important musicians of our times--not only a key figure in the history of jazz but a formative influence on all of 20th-century popular music.

Louis Armstrong was an American jazz trumpeter and singer who was one of the most influential figures in jazz music. Famous for his innovative methods of playing the trumpet and cornet, he was also a highly talented singer blessed with a powerful gravelly lietuvosstumbrai.com Of Birth: New Orleans.

Louis Armstrong, byname Satchmo (truncation of “Satchel Mouth”), (born August 4,New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.—died July 6,New York, New York), the leading trumpeter and one of the most influential artists in jazz history.

Louis Daniel Armstrong (August 4, – July 6, ), nicknamed Satchmo, Satch, and Pops, was an American trumpeter, composer, vocalist and occasional actor who was one of the most influential figures in lietuvosstumbrai.com career spanned five decades, from the s to the s, and different eras in the history of jazz.

Louis Daniel Armstrong

Inhe was inducted into the Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame. Louis Armstrong grew up poor in a single-parent household. He was 13 when he celebrated the New Year by running out on the street and firing a pistol that belonged to the current man in his mother's life.

A biography of louis armstrong an american jazz musician
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