A discussion on the possibilities of australia becoming a republic in twenty years

It expresses nothing more than our desire to have a Head of State who is truly one of us.

Why Australia should NOT become a Republic

Hence, codification would be likely to result in fundamental change to our system of government and alter the status of the High Court in relation to the Executive and the Parliament.

Anyone reading the Australian Constitution who is unfamiliar with the practical realities of Australian government would assume that the role of the monarch was central. Of these, are republics.

The meaning is simple and, we believe, irresistible — as simple and irresistible as the idea of a Commonwealth of Australia was to the Australians of a century ago. This activity against the class enemy will bring home to the working people that in unity lies strength and that struggle against capitalism and for socialism can be won only by united action against the class enemy.

With a popularly elected President, potential would exist for the representative and democratically elected parliamentary chambers, the repositories of the diffuse power of Australian democracy, to be gradually diminished, while the embodiment of the nation and great powers were vested in one person.

In addition, in the light of the events ofany Head of State determined upon a controversial course of action would do so in the knowledge that he or she would be confronted with the weight of public opprobrium, and will be at pains to ensure that every course of action is both warranted and capable of being defended.

An Australian Head of State can embody our modern aspirations — our cultural diversity, our evolving partnerships with Asia and the Pacific, our quest for reconciliation with Aboriginal Australians, our ambition to create a society in which women have equal opportunity, equal representation and equal rights.

Just as many, perhaps, now believe it is inevitable. The basic question to be asked, however, is: In the course of a century we have evolved from a collection of British colonies; to a single nation of limited independence; to a Dominion in the British Empire; to a sovereign nation in all respects bar one.

How do you even define hurtful without it being extremely vague and left to one's own whim? In fact, the report points out that it could even undermine the number of houses for rent. We think it is time to embrace the necessary change. In virtually every respect, our governmental arrangements will be exactly the same as they are now: If Australia were to become a republic they would not be able to participate in the commonwealth games.

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And we can be equally sure that in the 21st century the British monarchy will become even more remote from even more Australians. For these reasons the Government believes that, on balance, whatever the immediate attraction of this course might be, it would not be desirable to attempt to codify the reserve powers; and that the design, processes and conventions at present governing their exercise by the Governor-General should be transferred to the Australian Head of State without alteration.

Theoretically, it would be possible to fully codify or write down these conventions, assuming one could foresee all the contingencies they might be required to meet. That it does not go without saying today is an accident of history. Most of Australia love the queen.

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These principles, which are not currently set out in the Constitution, determine whether the circumstances exist for the Governor General to exercise a reserve power and what action would be appropriate.

Fairly recently, the Scots have, by ballot, declared their desire to be independent. The Government is ready to have senior Commonwealth Ministers brief State governments on the proposals and we sincerely hope that all State Premiers will make constructive contributions to the public debate.

What will grow in place of the dead wood cleared away requiries other choices and actions. Socialism is not yet on the agenda for Australia but every effort must be made to win the people to see that the way out of the crises that are endemic in capitalism can only be working for socialism.

All democrats will agree that such foreign domination must cease. It would be impossible for any government to dictate the outcome of this process. And any future convention not limited to the issue of the republic and the Head of State, would be a convention going over the same old ground as all the others before it.

Even if it was just after a normal week I know I would defiantly take the opportunity to have a bit of a longer rest and you would all probably agree. In this regard, we were interested that a committee commissioned to examine the issue by the West Australian government concluded that, if the minimalist approach proposed by the Republic Advisory Committee were to be adopted, the position of the States within the federation would not be substantially affected.

Today it is hard to imagine why the changes were opposed. We therefore propose, as the Republic Advisory Committee suggested, that the Head of State be elected by a two-thirds majority vote in a joint sitting of both Houses of the Commonwealth Parliament on the nomination of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

Clearly then the status of a republic in no way means that real democracy will be carried out. This division reflects the choice facing the whole world — capitalism or socialism. It is reasonable to expect that if the Australian people opt for an Australian Head of State, the States would follow suit.

The development of a mature and modern relationship will certainly not be inhibited by recognition of the truth. But the creation of an Australian republic is not an act of rejection.Transcript of Paul Keating’s Republic speech in the House of Representatives, June 7, It is the Government’s view that Australia’s Head of State should be an Australian and that Australia should become a republic by the year A new book claims Buckingham Palace is bemused by Australia's position on becoming a republic.

A new book claims Buckingham Palace is bemused by Australia's position on becoming a republic. Australia could hold a referendum on whether to become a republic within the next five years following a pledge by the opposition Labor party to hold a vote if it wins the next election.

Jun 25,  · The release of the federal government’s tax discussion paper earlier in the year raised the possibility of big changes to Australia’s tax framework and, since then, members of the housing industry have been quick to have their voices heard on the issue.

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A discussion on the possibilities of australia becoming a republic in twenty years
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