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The secondary schools of Australia offer five to six years of education. Farmers in the southern region grow wheat but most of the region is to hot or to dry for crops.

Essay: Australia

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The rainfall is seasonal in Australia. This is one of many conditions a homeless person has to go through.

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Thanks for the promptness! In all, the reefs are also many small islands that extend for about 1, miles. The warm waters around the reef and the sheer beauty attract swimmers, skin divers and tourists from all over the world. Team sports are a national pastime.

Australia is truly a magnificently beautiful place with many different climates and cultures.The culture of Australia is not only diverse in race, but also in religion.

Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam are all quite prevalent, while approximately one fourth of the population states no religious preference at all. How common is homelessness in Australia?

The population of homelessness in Australia is estimated over(). 1 in 7 Australians live and sleep with out shelter (). In a survey has estimated over 12, people are homeless in Queensland (Queensland Government).

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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - Australia. The market value of all final goods and services produced in Australia during a specific period. The growth rate of GDP is used as a broad gauge of the overall economic health. Robust GDP growth signals a heightened level of activity that is generally associated with a healthy economy.

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Essay format australia
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