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We contrast 'gender', as symmetry-broken environmentally responsive sexuality with 'cultural engendering' - social or politically acceptable or indeed transvestite sex roles which a given society may impose, encourage or seek to exorcise. You should also have some underpinning knowledge of photosynthesis.

Part of the complex biochemical pathway of clotting is the production of an enzyme that forms the matrix of the blood clot, but also speeds up the production of still more thrombin. In addition to providing a forum for the discussion of scientific matters, another important aspect of those societies was their publications.

In England the snail is regularly predated by the song thrush Turdus philomelos, which breaks them open on thrush anvils large stones. The Renaissance Resurgence of biology Beginning in Italy during the 14th century, there was a general ferment within the culture itself, which, together with the rebirth of learning partly as a result of the rediscovery of Greek workis referred to as the Renaissance.

A identify components of DNA, identify how information for specifying the traits of an organism is carried in the DNA, and examine scientific explanations for the origin of DNA; B recognize that components that make up the genetic code are common to all organisms; C explain the purpose and process of transcription and translation using models of DNA and RNA; D recognize that gene expression is a regulated process; E identify and illustrate changes in DNA and evaluate the significance of these changes; F predict possible outcomes of various genetic combinations such as monohybrid crosses, dihybrid crosses, and non-Mendelian inheritance; and G recognize the significance of meiosis to sexual reproduction.

How, if at all, could sighted and hearing human beings communicate with it? Some examples of widely used assays that incorporate labels include the Gram stainwhich is used for the identification and characterization of bacteria; fluorescence in situ hybridizationwhich is used for the detection of specific genetic sequences in chromosomes; and luciferase assays, which measure bioluminescence produced from luciferin-luciferase reactions, allowing for the quantification of a wide array of molecules.

In plain water, this reaction would not take place. This is only possible because each new embryo is endowed with adequate food by the mother in each case. I see no reason why other carbon compounds could not do the jobs of most of these, though I cannot offhand draw formulas for the alternates.

It works very well at sharing key genes among many types of bacteria. No individual better exemplifies the Renaissance than Leonardo da Vinciwhose anatomical studies of the human form during the late s and early s were so far in advance of the age that they included details not recognized until a century later.

More recent investigation Boissinot et. There is no chemical need for these substitutes even to be gases; but if the story calls for a nonhuman character to be drowned or strangled, obvious gaseous candidates are fluorine and chlorine.

This teeming complexity, which is central to Taoistic notions of nature never repeating itself exactly, is one of the most insightful affirmations of the power of sexual exchange in creating almost endless variety from the molecular dance of the primal ooze.

The possible combinations of genes and sex cells, give Physarum more than different sexes Tidwell R The cuckoo nestling is apparently able to pressure the host adults for feeding by mimicking the cries of the host nestlings.

The piRNA Ping-Pong pathway was first proposed from studies in Drosophila where the piRNA associated with the two cytoplasmic Piwi proteins, Aubergine Aub and Argonaute-3 Ago3 exhibited a high frequency of sequence complementarity over exactly 10 nucleotides at their 5' ends.

The subsequent transcription of both copies results in a long RNA, which folds into a hairpin, as one half of it is complementary to its other half. These centromeres appear to be genuinely selfish because centromere-binding proteins have been found to be one of the most rapidly evolving genes in the human genome, implying that they are caught in an arms race of mutually-antagoistic co-evolution Akera T et al.

Demonstration of the effectiveness of transpiration by trying to suck water from a bottle using a 10m straw.

This extends to killer genes in one sex which affect the other. Ford described peppered moth evolution as "one of the most striking, though not the most profound, evolutionary changes ever actually witnessed in nature".

It illustrates a polymorphic species maintaining adaptation to a varied and sometimes changing environment. Not all multicellular organisms are obligate sexual, but all the obligate sexual organisms are multicellular. Statistical research has shown that an individual of a given phenotype will generally be, compared to an individual of a differing phenotype, more resistant to certain diseases while less resistant to others.

There will be a wide range of attack and defense systems among these beings.

HSC Biology – Maintaining a Balance notes – dot-point summary

The important point, from which we may have been wandering a trifle, is not whether I can envision such a situation in detail, but whether the author of the story can do so, and thereby avoid having to invent ad hoc a goose which lays golden eggs.

However spirochaete flagella appear to be more like the rotatory bacterial flagella Charon and Goldstein Rso centrioles may originate internally in the apparatus linking the chromosome to the cell membrane.Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams.

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Biology Maintaining a balance Notes. This student studied: HSC - Year 12 - Biology.

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HSC Biology - Maintaining a Balance Syllabus Notes. All syllabus dot points covered in detail, with diagrams, tables, and flow charts included. 5 Ex Credits 5 Exchange Credits View Details.

Biology Notes Module 1 ± Maintaining a Balance 1. Most organisms are active in a limited temperature range x Identify the role of enzymes in metabolism, describe their chemical composition and.

The 'lampbrush' phase of extended chromosomes during meiosis has also been suggested to enable forms of genetic re-processing. In non-mammals this extended phase involves open transcription of coding and non-coding regions and has been proposed to be a form of genetic processing (Wolfe R), which probably occurs in a less obvious way in mammals as well.

Most organisms are active within a limited temperature range: • Identify the role of enzymes in metabolism, describe their chemical composition and use a simple model to describe their specificity in.

Maintaining a balance notes biology
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