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Movie Review: Secret (2007)

After a few days at school, Jay dares the school Prince of the Piano, Yu Hao, for a piano dueling competition. Qingyi lends him her bracelet to wish him luck.

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The film barrels towards its intended goal with little regard for common sense, leaving the audience with nothing besides the pretty pictures and people to shore it up. He starred in it as a main character who had a talent for piano. This section does not cite any sources.

Then, the two kissed gently. But, at this point both of them are still surrounded with the mystery aura. Nobody actually wins as they both are equally talented.

She wants Jay to be the first person she sees. Xiaoyu disappears for five months only to return on graduation dayXianglun was missing her so much and had no idea with her.

The plot itself is actually a typical, innocent and sweet romantic tale.

Secret (2007-Taiwan)

Her mother also advised Xianglun never to find her daughter again. Realizing that the old piano and the music is the key to travel trough time, Jay goes back to school. This movie which has all these things was beyond amazing to me. The story goes pretty slow in the first-half part and some graphic effects at the last part is sort of cheesy It was awarded the prize for visual effects, though.

After two thirds of this rather ordinary romantic tale have passed, the big twist suddenly kicks in. Jay relationship with Rain develops into a romantic one.

Movie Review of Secret (2007 Taiwanese Film) Essay

Huang Junlang as Alang, Xianglun's friend and captain of the rugby team often seen together with A-bao. Given its premise, The Secret has the potential to explore dark, taboo topics, but director Vince Perez chooses to explore family values instead -- in particular, the idea that parents fail to understand their children.

Jay copied it correctly by ear right after the talented boy played one piece. This is when the weird part truly starts.

My enthusiasm for "Secret" simply lies in the fact that I merely expected a simple love story and got rewarded with a great twist in the end, which actually could have been foreseen - yet you are completely blind for it as a viewer. I certainly didn't expect much. While two boys were having the piano battle in particular, the camera chased their alive and dynamic performances very effectively.

Just like their relationship in Initial D. Guey Lun-Mei also shows her talent, and even Anthony Wong plays a bit of piano in a small scene. Jay however is living in In the rear of Xianglun, the music teacher reprimanded that Xianglun was pick up girl in school, and criticized Xianglun was not concentrate in class peek at Xiaoyu.

A lot of reviewers insist that Jay is the ghost but they cannot understand the reason everyone else can see him. My biggest thing is that I find myself not loving the ending. Sign in to vote.

After two thirds of this rather ordinary romantic tale have passed, the big twist suddenly kicks in. It takes about five minutes for Hannah to convince Benjamin she's taken over their daughter's body, and all it takes him is a web search of "Scientific Research" to figure out what caused the spirit swap.

But music lovers in general will also find the soundtrack to be very appealing. After she stops playing, she smiles realizing what have happen. Are you still hesitating to watch it? He goes to Xiaoyu's home to clear things up, but her mother says she is sick and had dropped out of school a long time ago.

During her graduation day inRain decided to play the music manuscript again. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

As he wandered through the piano building, he heard a beautiful mysterious melody "Secret" being played, that leads him to met Lu Xiaoyu Gwei Lun-meianother piano major.While Yeh is determined to win Lu back, a secret from the past threatens to sink the prospect of a lasting romance between the lietuvosstumbrai.comry: Art House & International, Drama.

Apr 14,  · Secret (Taiwanese Movie ) Secret (Taiwanese Movie ) This make Jay wonder why but Rain refuse to tell him, saying it is a secret. Around this time, Jay already befriend with Bao and Lang, whom you can say the school’s black sheep.

Review. The music teacher did not see Rain in the closet. He just saw the writing that. Oct 08,  · ~ Warning! Spoilers! Movie Review: “Secret” (不能説的秘密) ~ SYNOPSIS [IMDb].

Ye Xiang Lun is a music student majoring in piano who just transferred to Tamkang, a school famous for its musically talented students, especially those who play the piano. Jul 27,  · Title: Bu neng shuo de. mi mi () / Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Use the HTML below.

their relationships start to face the pressures of real life as the s Taiwanese See full summary» 50 of 60 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to /10(K).

Review: It is rare that a movie can really surprise or even impress me."Secret" is one of those rare cases. My expectations concerning this film, which plot sounds like your standard love story and which even stars Taiwan's popstar Jay Chou as the main lead, were quite low.

A Nutshell Review: Secret DICK STEEL 3 August I just watched it last week which made me like a time traveler since this movie already in theater Starring Jay Chou as Jay and Kwai Lun Mei as Rain, this film maybe feel a little bit of ordinary.

But believe me it's not. The romance between two lead is just so believable that I.

Movie review of secret 2007 taiwanese
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