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Following agreement in principle at the United Nations founding conference in San Francisco, experts from the four occupying powers met in London in June to work out the details.

Rudolph and other Nazi scientists imported this labor with the intention of working Nuremberg trials essay thesis to death, thus contributing to Hitler's "Final Solution" p, Hundreds of thousands of Nazi-sympathizing officers, judges, police, bureaucrats, and industrialists remained part of the German scene inand in the West, at least, it was assumed that they were an inescapable part of the future Germany.

Barbie was arrested by the Bolivian Government for defaulting on a loan. If the trials were in fact the "brain child" [sic] of International Jewry, a declaration of the criminality of important Nazi organizations like the High Command and the SA would have been inevitable.

From the outset of the trials, the IMT emphatically stated that the German Nuremberg trials essay thesis was not on trial or being held accountable for the actions of some of its government officials. Cliquez pour suivre le lien. Almost all of us—even if we don't do it consciously—look early in an Goering claimed that afterhe had no involvement with the camps or any knowledge of their activities since Himmler took control of the concentration camps.

The Nuremberg Trials

If the organizations like the Gestapo were found guilty of crimes against humanity, some members of those organizations would be considered guilty based on their membership and involvement in that particular organization p, Hundreds of witnesses have been examined in the courtroom and thousands of documents were reviewed.

Using this logic, the defense council argued individuals should be prosecuted and the organizations exempt from the trials.

When confronting the defendants with evidence against them, Jackson used official Nazi reports from field commanders. During his testimony, he admitted several war crimes and atrocities and his own testimony was sufficient evidence to convict him.

Given such attitudes, how fair could the trials have been and what kind of due process or protection of law could the defendants expect? Other Nazis were scientist who the U. Because France eliminated the death penalty, he was sentenced to life in prison where he died in Rosenbaum p, Bibliography Heydecker, Joe J.

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Until the purge beginning on 30 Junethe SA was a group composed in large part of ruffians and bullies who participated in the Nazi outrages of that period.

His replies would be too long and often failed to answer the questions. The Displaced Persons Act expired in and by then an estimated 10, Nazi war criminals were residing in the United States p, The forced labor was seen as "less than slaves" since their "slave masters" worked them in such horrible conditions and deliberately deprived them of food, light and medical treatments.

Nuremberg trials thesis statement needed?

Although prosecutors sought to cross-examining both men to tell all they knew about the Nazi's policies, Goering tried from the beginning, to discredit the International Military Tribunal and the trials. Thousands of Nazis were brought to the US via Operation Paperclip and like programs rather than put on trial for their crimes, simply because they had skills, talents and knowledge that Uncle Sam lacked and sorely needed to try to catch up with Germany and the USSR not only in rocket science and weapons research but in other areas as well.

Nor is it the case that the accused were equally guilty, as charged. It was also important to give these men a fair trial despite their participation in organizations which planned and performed genocide on such a massive scale.

Another decision which was highly controversial was the Tribunal finding the organization the SA as not being criminal. First to try the highest ranking German officials and second to try the groups and organizations in which they worked.

The Holocaust Research Paper: Nuremberg Trials

Weber takes a "closer" [sic] look at the "general trustworthiness of the evidence cited at Nuremberg". In both law and evidence, the weakest count against the accused was the first, that which charged defendants with conspiring to commit the other crimes.

If the trial of every member of an organization was attainable, then the indictment and prosecution of every Nazi, or every German would be possible. Some people who were present at the Nuremberg trials expected to see evil monsters, violent and cruel, which could provide at least some explanations for their deeds.

Goering may have implicated himself and the Third Reich during his testimony, however he answered many of the questions which related to concentration camps and genocide vaguely.

Evidence used against those indicted would establish that these were criminal organizations, agents of a criminal conspiracy. All the Nazi war criminals, prosecuted at Nuremberg, were found guilty and sentenced to death. However, you definitely need to think of some good issues that will make the same strong body paragraphs of your Nuremberg trials essay.

Nuremberg trials thesis statement needed?

Goering did admit to setting up concentration camps but he said that the camps were intended to "sequester rather than punish political enemies of Nazism". Because the evidence against the Gestapo was so well-documented, its lawyer simply tried to proved that not all members of the Gestapo deserved prosecution.

Their verdicts brought justice to the defendants for their actions, however many questions were left unanswered after their trials.The Nuremberg Trials is the general name for two sets of trials of Nazis involved in crimes committed during the Holocaust of World War II.

The first, and most famous, began on November 20, The first, and most famous, began on November 20, A Study Of The Nuremberg Main Trial International Law Essay. In this essay the aptness of the indictments, the matter of jurisdiction and the legality in terms of the fair trial principle will be explored.

The AZT, Nuremberg, and Tuskegee Trials gave way to reform in the methodology of medical trials. In the late 80’s the drug zidovudine (AZT), a drug to reduce the vertical.

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Nuremberg Thesis Statement

The Nuremberg Trials is the general name for two sets of trials of Nazis involved in crimes committed during the Holocaust of World War II. The first, and most famous, began on November 20, The first, and most famous, began on November 20, What Happened To The Nuremberg Trials History Essay.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The answer came in the form of the Nuremberg Trials. This is a very big point in history because it is the first time that leaders of the losing countries were to be charged with war crimes.

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Nuremberg trials essay thesis
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