Pros and cons of devolution

The top management is unable to keep tabs on all organizational functions and prefer to delegate responsibility and distribute the power of making decisions.

It was argued that demand for devolution was over-exaggerated, especially in Wales, so it was unnecessary.

Advantages of Decentralization The top management and promoters of the firm have distributed the decision-making authority and are therefore, left with more time to pursue the strategy for realizing the organization's long-term vision.

Although a decentralized command structure does help to overcome the cons of autocratic management such as lack of ownership and authority, as you go down the hierarchical organization structure, it has its own unique set of pros and cons.

Nkomo President Robert Mugabe recently stirred the hornets nest when he indicated that he was opposed to devolution Pros and cons of devolution power in the new constitution. Day-to-day problem solving is no longer the biggest concern for the higher-ups.

Spending happens based on real needs instead of perceived needs. Spending happens based on real needs instead of perceived needs. Striking a balance between how much independence is given to individual business units and what kind of decisions remain under the central command could lead to a successful strategy.

Sometimes change is necessary. Gradually, as the business grows and the headcount expands, the organization begins to take on a different structure with departmental heads and other teams.

Federal systems expand government on national, state, and local levels, giving people more access to leaders and opportunities to get involved in their government. Therefore, it becomes easier to plug the leaks in time and make sure that the lessons learned are effectively conveyed to all other sub-units within the organization.

Decentralization is not always a good strategy to begin with, especially when the organization is still to find its footing in the market. When responsibilities are transferred to others, it is not uncommon for this action to be seen as favoritism or a minimal effort to create change.

Mar 26, A central command structure derives from an autocratic style of management. Other critics of devolution also argue that Zimbabwe is too small to have such a system of governance. Before finalizing any devolution in business, it is important to evaluate the key points of such a move.

In addition, there is costly duplication of work activities, processes and outcomes that may impact economy of scale. The Pros of Devolution in Business 1.

This has to be done in tandem with a good ,democratic constitution ,strong institutionsa culture of democracy and harmonized subsidiary laws which facilitate devolution of power.

The advantages of devolution are upheld by very successful business people. Corruption and inefficiency can be curtailed through inbuilt mechanisms to ensure transparency and good governance.

Businesses, where quick decisions amidst fast-paced changes in environment are the order of the day, stand to benefit from decentralization. The quality standards that one person may have could be very different from what another has.

Even if devolution occurs within a team that all reports to the same leader, people have followers who are highly supportive.

Advantages of devolution

Workspirited Staff Last Updated:The pros and cons of devolution in business can be tricky to navigate. Sometimes change is necessary.

When change is being made in responsibilities without any real need, it can create a new set of problems. What are the pros and cons of Devolution?

In order to answer this question, it is first important to define the term ‘devolution’. According to David Simpson, it is ‘the delegation of central government powers without giving up sovereignty’%(1). 1 The Benefits of Devolution and Local Control Better results/Better resource utilization.

Many of us intuitively feel that local control. Oct 26,  · The advantages of devolution are upheld by very successful business people. The North-East of England would be wise to follow their example and vote a resounding "Yes" to devolution.

Devolution is the statutory granting of powers from the government of a sovereign state to government to government at a sub national level. Therefore they enjoy autonomy from the centre.

Table 1: Pros and Cons of Devolving HR roles to Line Managers Pros Cons. Increase speed of decision -making. Line management responsibility for people issues. Local management accountability.

Potential cost savings. Strategic role for central HR/IR.

1 The Benefits of Devolution and Local Control

Short lines of communication.

Pros and cons of devolution
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