Supporting independent living in health and social care

Disabled people are generally not aware of medical and technological advances that could help them to live more meaningful lives. She has the habit of going out and visiting different places throughout the day. Passive Monitoring Telehealth monitoring has been proven to reduce unnecessary visits to the physician, emergency care and hospital readmissions, all of which means better health, greater patient satisfaction and improved quality of life.

There has been a series of developments and emerging technologies which have come to rescue and help for the support of servicing the specific needs of patients like Sally, suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

They are also required to assess implication of assistive technology which leads to support patients in an effective way. In a care home facility, feeling able to take control of certain aspects of their day to day tasks can not only lift the mood and outlook of a resident, but can also improve their overall health and well-being.

A keyboard was chosen that covered a larger surface with large black letters surrounded by a yellow background. Her daughter visited her once but could not find her at home. However it is worth noting the full range of applications and activities that disabled people have identified as being of personal benefit e-Commerce Voice and Video Over IP Virtual Reality Community Activity Online Gaming As we increasingly see applications and technologies delivered as a service from the "cloud" the opportunities offered will increase accordingly.

Electrical tags can be used. These devices ensure safety at home like different kinds of detectors. SPAs smart phone applications — a new form of assistive technology. Moreover, with the help of advanced technologies, Maggie will be able to come at home on specific time and will feel better to live independently Judge, Therefore, these specific needs should be fulfilled so that Maggie can have independent living Stephen and Jonathan, It helps to get assistive technology which enables her to manage personal as well working life.

Here she got personal digital assistant called the Pocket Coach which helps her to strengthen memory skills. Telehealth monitoring is the collection and review of patient data for the purpose of health supervision and management. An essay in discursive psychiatry.

With the help of information technology, organizations also increase their productivity and create awareness among general public so that chances of illness can be reduced to a great extent. Two years later, Sally returns to her GP with complaints of weakness and numbness in her right side upper and lower body.

In addition to this, they may also not be able to afford to purchase or avail equipment or avail surgery or pharmaceutical advances. The dignity of the disabled people who enjoy a happy life with the help of the assistive technology is also enhanced in the society. The family is of the opinion due to her weird behavior, she might be forgetting to take her medications on time.

It will promote her independent living and completion of activities on right time. Regulating Health and Safety at Work: This charges higher amount from customers because several types of facilities are provided along with this which lead to increased revenue to a great extent Sulimani-Aidan, Various technologies are available for them such as memory aids, telecare and safer walking which make their life simpler.

These devices work on a single click and beep when item is found. There are several benefits of using assistive technologies to health and social care organizations and their users. It is increasing productivity as well as speed of flow of production.

To answer this question: It will reduce dependency on others and make her happy. Medical technology advancements can be regarded as the sum total of techniques, equipment, drugs, and procedures used by health professionals for health promotion and the systems in which they are delivered to patients and individuals requiring specific care Fleisher, For all the other regulation which is related to Health and Safety, the Health and Safety at Work Act form the basis or the framework.

In order to ensure full safety of patients, therapists need to assess disadvantages of given technologies which facilitate to provide right treatment to them.

She is experiencing difficulty with typing, maneuvering around the building, holding her lunch tray, and performing other activities of daily living.

Unit 20 : Supporting Independent Living

Her family has significant concerns that Maggie is leaving her home at night and reports from her neighbour confirm this. Another device which is whenever she gets up from bed or chair an alarm would ring.

The use of assistive technology can disrupt the private life of an individual. Open Explain how technology can be used to support users of health and social care services in living independently.


Consultation with a neurologist at that time results in a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Health and social care workers and their employers need to understand the technologies currently available and how independence can be supported using such technology.

A walking cane might not be helpful for her as she is a very active lady.

Why Independence is an Important Part of Elderly Care

Essays on melancholy and depression.• Mention and explain barriers of assistive technologies in supporting independent living in Health and Social Care practice • Explain the challenges Sally (Case study 1) is likely to face in using the assistive technology she was provided with/5(1). How AT supports independent living.

Why Independence is an Important Part of Elderly Care

Introduction to assistive technologies new care solutions have been introduced that allow users to maintain privacy whilst having support for social and health needs delivered through technology.

Patient data collected by the monitor in the patient's home is reviewed on a daily basis by health. Unit Supporting Independent Living This is case study for HND Health and social care course. This unit requires a proper knowledge of latest technical trends implemented in health and social care.


Introduction to Supporting Independent Living. Health and social care uses media channel to create awareness among general people so that it becomes source of learning for them and reduces chances for disease. Electronic devices also provide details about the specific diseases which benefits those people who are suffering (Mountain, This section will explore the significance of independent living as an essential nursing intervention and its application to modern clinical practice.

Gates & Atherton () state that there is a need for evidence of 'effectiveness in health and social care'. This supporting independent living assignment is given in St. Patrick college for the HND Health and social care course, in this technological impact has been discussed with the current scenario.

Supporting independent living in health and social care
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